Welcome to Purricurls American Curls!

We are a small and cage-less American Curl cattery located in New York. All of our cats and kittens live with our unconditional love! We are the member of CFA AND TICA

Our vision is to breed top quality healthy, beautiful and well socialized American Curls kittens. We are not breeding a large number of 'okay' quality kittens all year round, we'd rather breed a limited number of top show quality kittens. Breeding perfect American Curls kittens is the one and only goal of Purricurls. We keep collecting premium Curls lineages from overseas to enrich our own breeding program. We do have wait list for our lovely lovely kittens.

We specialize in American Curl Longhair, but we have Shorthair and Solid White program, too! Currently, we add cinnamon to our breeding program, but it not means we will have cinnamon/fawn curls in short period. We do have KITTEN and RETIRED ADULT AVAILABLE NOW. If you are interested in our kittens or retired adults, please check our Contract and fill out our Kitten Application Form. You dont need to request edit access, just fill and submit it!!!

The google form have something wrong with my email. After you submit the application form, you still need to email me.

All cats and kittens in our cattery are free out of any genetic diseases. We guaranteed 2 years genetic health, but we don't guarantee any disease caused by lack of nutrition or mistreated. All of our cats are FIV/FELV negative. Like the statement in our contract, we are not responsible for cat to develop an infection or other diseases after 3 business days from the date of cat collection, such as, FIP, FIV, FELV, and Heart disease, etc. Also, we dont have any of my kittens having problem with the diseases I mentioned till now. They're all healthy and living in good family.