If you are interested in making a reservation for one of our kittens from upcoming litters, please check our Contract and fill out our Kitten Application Form (doc form, or pdf form). If you choose the doc or pdf version, you need to send to my email address (purricurls@gmail.com) manually. You dont need to request edit access, just fill and submit it!!! We are more than happy to provide information on joining our waiting list.

Currently we dont have kitten available,

but we have retired adult.

Explanation of terminology used in kitten status:

Available: This kitten is for sale, enquires are welcome.

On hold: This kitten currently under breeder evaluation, decision is pending, maybe available in future.

Reserved: Deposit received, this kitten is no longer available, unless the buyer cancel it

Adopted: Full payment received, no longer available


About the price (updated 8/01/2019)

Pet(alter): $900.

Show(alter, if u bring my kitten to show to get title): $1100~$1500.

Show(alter, if u do not prepare to go show my kitten):  $1300~$1800.

Noted: The litter before the updated date will be still on my original price.

Price for overseas buyer will be higher because of longer preparing time and extra Vet cost.

 Pet/Show alter kitten all comes with:

  • At least 12 weeks (no earlier than this age)

  • Vet checked

  • Health certificate

  • De-sexed(No exception)

  • FVRCP vaccination*2

  • Dewormed*2

  • Litter trained

  • Food sample pack

  • CFA or TICA slip

  • Kitten toys

Shipping fee is not include. We only use courier for shipping inside the United States, price $425~$650.

*New owner must have a crate or carrier to pick up kitten. NOT BOX.